Attractions in City of Saint John

'me_nb03m057 Moose Statue, Saint John, New Brunswick 2004' - City of Saint John
'me_nb03m057 Moose Statue, Saint John, New Brunswick 2004' - Attribution: Gregory Melle

From amazing, eventful downtown streets to the Bay of Fundy’s natural wonder, your perfect escapade is Saint John! In Saint John, you will find non-stop attractions and an incredible escape for the entire family! For an exhilarating vacation, visit the marvelous Bay of Fundy, in Saint John which is considered to be one of the most fascinating Marine Wonders of the World.

Furthermore, you can watch the electrifying Reversing Rapids of the impressive St. John River. This experience is like no other; you can actually watch the amazingly high tides of the St. John River in action. Even better, you can ride in a jet-boat that is specially designed for this. The excitement never ends in Saint John.

Other unbelievable events in Saint John are the fascinating New Brunswick Museum, and the Irving National Park. You can discover the ecosystem of the incredible Bay of Fundy, along with many other adventurous activities such as kayaking, whale watching, and canoeing. With so many things to do, you will never be bored in Saint John.

Finally, Saint John has countless shopping opportunities, including the famous Saint John City Market. Also you will find various hotels, art galleries, and fancy restaurants.

Saint John is a remarkable, historical city that has it all.