Historic churches in city of Saint John

'St. Luke's Anglican Church' - City of Saint John
'St. Luke's Anglican Church' - Attribution: J Hikka

There are many beautiful and historic churches in Saint John. One of the most popular is the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Constructed in 1853, the first mass to ever take place there was on Christmas Day in 1853. This amazing Cathedral has points as high as 300 feet above sea level. Furthermore, Saint John’s organ is one of the largest ever known with an astonishing 3,000 pipes ranging from an inch to 3,000 feet.

Also, another inspiring church is the Church of St. Andrew and St. David. After the Great Fire of 1877, this church was built. Due to the fire, the back of the church, along with the sides are built with brick, while the front of the church is made of limestone. John Rogerson, famous for carving the head of Marco Polo also carved the pulpit of this church.

Next, you should visit St. George’s Church which was built in the year 1821. This church is also the very oldest known church built in Saint John. In addition, the only mechanical pendulum clock is on this 1890 tower.

Another interesting church is St. John’s Anglican Stone Church. This church is the very first Anglican Church in Saint John. This is a well-known historical site due to the stone of the building which had been used as ballast on ships when they returned on their voyage to England.

St. Luke’s Church National Historic Site is yet another beautiful sight to see. This amazing Church was built up on a hilltop at Gondola Point in 1831. From the Kennebecasis River, this church could be viewed perfectly. It has an arched ceiling which resembles an inverted hull of a ship. Wooden pegs and huge support bars made of iron are even part of this cultural site.

A new church was built replacing the Old Trinity Church which was built in 1791, and destroyed by the Great Fire. The Trinity Church, constructed in 1880 was well known for displaying the Royal Coat of Arms of the House of Hanover. This attraction brings visitors from all around the world.

If you are one who enjoys viewing historic churches, Saint John is unquestionably the place for you to visit.