Museums in city of Saint John

'New Brunswick Museum' - City of Saint John
'New Brunswick Museum' - Attribution: J Hikka

There are many well-known museums in Saint John. People from all over the world come to visit this beautiful, historical town.

Barbour’s General Store is an old historic general store that was reopened in the year 1967. This marked the store’s 100 year anniversary. The store previously had been located in New Brunswick, however, due to a river barge, it floated down to Saint John.

The Hayward China Museum is another popular attraction. This museum is known to harbor the history of the Chinese industry in Saint John. This attraction is open to the public all year round, and free of charge.

The Loyalist House is yet another famous historical site. David Merrit constructed this building in 1811. The oldest known building is Saint John; it even was one of few buildings that survived the Great Fire. The Merrit family lived in this home for around 150 years. It has now been turned into a beautiful museum owned by the New Brunswick Historical Society.

New Brunswick Museum is another historical place where you can explore the history of shipbuilding in Saint John. Furthermore, it has many sculptures and artwork as well. You can even view a whale, full-size at this exquisite museum.

The Quaco Museum which was first opened in the year 1978 is a popular artifact museum. Here you will find historical artifacts, as well as a library and information on shipbuilding.

Built in 1840 is another astonishing museum; Saint John Firefighter’s Museum, also known as Old Engine House Number 2. This is another important building that made it through the fire of 1877. In 1995, it was considered a National Historic Site. Here you will find a large collection of photos that are about firefighting in the Saint John area.

Finally, another must see museum is the Saint John Jewish Historical Museum. This was created in order to save the history of the Jewish in Saint John. It was constructed in the 1980’s, and is the only Canadian Jewish museum

If you plan on visiting Saint John, be sure to check out some or all of the wonderful, historic museums.