Shopping in city of Saint John

'Saint John City Market - October 26th, 2009' - City of Saint John
'Saint John City Market - October 26th, 2009' - Attribution: J Hikka

Saint John is the right place for anyone to visit that is looking for an amazing shopping experience. There are national chains and malls, as well as small locally owned businesses. There is something for everyone in Saint John.

Brunswick Square Shopping Centre is an amazing mall with more than 60 stores. This unique centre has 3 different levels featuring about any type of store you prefer. You could spend an entire day shopping at this particular mall.

Lancaster Mall is another popular shopping place. There are many local shops here as well as popular retailers. There are around 25 shops here, and the mall is conveniently located off of Highway 1.

Everyone that visits Saint John must stop at Market Square for shopping, dining, exploring, as well as playing for the children. This store is open 365 days a year, and there is something for everyone.

Mcallister Place is the city’s largest shopping area. They have recently remodeled for the ultimate shopping experience. Once again, you can find small, local businesses, or large chains at this mall. Enjoy the diversity and culture of Saint Johns by visiting Mcallister place.

There are also many department stores available to shop at including Carousel Bridal, Colwell’s For Clothes, Trinity Galleries, Tackles and more!